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Tire Change

flat tire changes and repairs service

Without your tires, your car simply wouldn’t be able to last out on the roads. All of us know how important our tires are and we know how essential it is to have them in good condition, at all times. But it is impossible to ignore the fact that issues can happen with them and getting a flat or burst tire isn’t an uncommon problem. At some point in your driving life, you will almost definitely have to seek out some help for a tire change. And, when that time comes, make sure you are prepared with the best team to call in Durham, NC, by saving our phone number. At Durham Tow Truck, we can be there rain or shine, to deliver you the roadside tire change service that you need. Just give us a call and we’ll come to your location to get you back on your way again.

Standard Tire Change 

Whether you have experience changing tires or not, it always pays off to have the helping hand of the professionals. You wouldn’t want to improperly bolt the wheel back one and you certainly wouldn’t want to experience any issues with pressure as soon as you start driving. So, just leave the tire changing to us and we’ll make sure that you don’t experience any issues. We can either make use of your existing spare tire in the trunk or you can contact us about new tire delivery.

Heavy Tire Change

The same can be said for any heavy-duty vehicles, as again, you really wouldn’t want to be putting your new tire on incorrectly. Whether you are driving a truck, recreational vehicle, bus, or anything else, putting your tires on wrong could lead to more serious issues later down the line. So, to make sure that never has to be a concern of yours, give our team a call to take care of the job for you.

Motorcycle Tire Change 

When it comes to changing the tires on your motorcycle, you have to make sure you have the support of the right team. You can seldom bring a spare tire with you on a bike and so, knowing who to call can make the difference between getting back on your way and having to cut your journey short. Luckily for you, you’ll always be able to count on us for help. All you need to do is let us know the types of tires that you require and we’ll always do our best to match these. If not, then we’ll make sure that you can get a tow to the place that can.

New Tire Delivery 

Although just about every four-or-more-wheeled vehicle will have a spare tire in their trunk, sometimes you might need a new one. Whether you have used your spare already or you have damaged more than two wheels, you are going to need new tires being delivered. At Durham Tow Truck, we always try to do this for our clients when it is necessary. All you need to do is tell us the model of your car and we’ll identify the most effective ones that we can offer, from within our stock.