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Roadside Assitance

24 hour roadside assistance

As drivers, we all know that sometimes, it is impossible to avoid getting into difficult out on the roads. There are so many things that can go wrong with a car, something will inevitably happen right when you least expect it. Before you know it, you could be stuck by the side of the road, unable to carry on with your journey. When that happens to you, it can be stressful and all you will want to do is get back on your way. So, it should be a given that you know who to call when you need roadside assistance. For those living in the city of Durham, NC, that team can be most definitely be ours, at Durham Tow Truck. Rain or shine, whenever you need roadside assistance, we’ll always be there to help you.

24-Hour Callouts  

Our team is available for you to call at any time of the day, any day of the week. 24/7, we offer our roadside assistance services, because our team understands that trouble by the road can happen at any time at all. We’ll always make sure that we can get to you and your vehicle, to give it the fix that gets it back up and running again. So, never hesitate to get in contact with us when you need support at the road, as we’ll always be able to dispatch one of our crews.

Lockout Service 

Something that nearly all of us have done or will do at some point is locked our keys in our car. Unfortunately, one of the easiest yet most obvious things to do, this can really be irritating when it does happen to you. But our team won’t leave you feeling that way for long, as we’ll be there to bring you our lockout service. One of our team will use our locksmithing tools to open your car door, so you can get to your keys and carry on with wherever you were heading off to.

Fuel Delivery 

Just when you think you might be able to make it to where you need to be, your fuel might run out on you. We’ve all been there, thinking we had just enough mileage to get to a gas station, just to run a few miles shy. It can be so frustrating, but you don’t need to let it bother you for long. That is because you are always able to give our team a call, knowing that we’ll be there to deliver you the boost of fuel that you need. Just let us know how far you are from the nearest fill-up spot and we’ll make sure you have plenty to make it and then some.


One of the most common problems that we have to face with roadside assistance is a flat battery. And, with a quick jumpstart, it is always an easy fix for us to have to deal with. But you just need to know that you have a reliable team coming to help you, something which you can be certain of with us. And, with our expert jumpstart service (which you can read more about on the dedicated service page, you know you’ll always be back on the roads in no time.