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Light Duty Towing

professional light duty towing

Inside the urban center of Durham, NC, most people drive town and city cars, or perhaps even ride a motorcycle. These things handle best inside towns and can make moving from street to street so much easier. However, like any other truck or large vehicle, they are going to break down at some point too. And, when they do, you might find that you need a tow. Not every towing company is going to be able to provide you with the right equipment for the job. But if you want to guarantee the security and safety of the tow, you need to ensure you have just the right setup. So, you are going to need to find a reliable source of dedicated light duty towing. Luckily for you, at Durham Tow Truck, this is well within our capabilities and we would be glad to offer you our support for your light care, minor marine vehicle, your motorcycle, or quad bike. Just give us a call and let us know what is that we can do for you and we would be glad every single time.

Light Car Towing 

When your light car has broken down somewhere in town, you need help getting to the mechanics, or you need a vehicle moved from your property, our light car towing can be just the thing. Our tow trucks are fully equipped with all of the necessary tools and equipment to lift any light car. And, we’ll be able to keep it safe and secure when we are transporting it around the city. Just let us know the support that you need and we’ll make sure your light car is arriving smoothly.

Motorcycle Towing 

Just as much so, if you face any similar problems with your motorcycle or even a quad bike for that matter, we can offer the same help. Our tools will be able to delicately lift any bike so that no damages come to it. Then, it can be safely strapped into our loading bed and transported to the destination that you need to go to.

Light Marine Towing 

Being surrounded by numerous gorgeous lakes on all sides, many residents and visitors to the city of Durham bring their light marine vehicles. From speed boats to jet skis, these can be the perfect way to enjoy the summer. But when you need to tow your marine craft to your destination, make sure you are getting professional help and trusting our team to do it. We can safely transport any light marine vehicle and have been trusted by countless local people over the years for exactly that.

Abandoned Vehicle  

If a light vehicle has been abandoned on your land or property, you are going to want to get it removed. Our team is always happy to help our clients with this, as we understand just how frustrating it can be. We’ll always deal with the issue fast and make sure that we are taking care of it, without any extra hassle for you.