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Jump Start

car battery jumpstart service

All of us have been in a situation being stuck by the side of the road or on our driveways with a flat battery. Nothing is more annoying than going to start up your engine and hearing the click of the dead battery. But you don’t need to spend your time stressing for long because you can always count on our team to be there to get your vehicle up and running again. At Durham Tow Truck, we can deliver you our around the clock jump start service, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. From cars to trucks to motorcycles, we have the tools and equipment to get your auto working as it should be. All you ever have to do is give us a call and tell us where we need to be, and our team will make a swift journey to your location, no matter what time of day it is.

Car Jump Starts

It can be so easy to drain the battery in your car, no matter which particular one you drive. All it takes is leaving the radio going without the engine, forgetting to turn off your lights, or trying to make use of the air conditioning without driving, and you can be left without any power. But regardless of how you cause it, our team will never leave you without your vehicle for long. We’ll be to your location quickly with our jumper cables and we’ll give your auto the juice that it needs to get running once more.

Motorcycle Jump Starts 

Trying to get your motorcycle jump started can be a challenge since you can’t rely on any other car to do it for you. You have to have special tools that are tailored to getting the job done correctly and safely for a bike. While that may be hard to find for some, you know you can always count on our team for the help you need. We have the right tools and equipment for the task and we’ll make sure your motorcycle gets going again every single time.

Heavy Jump Starts 

The same can be said for any heavy vehicle needing a jump start, as well. Driving a truck, bus, or artic, it can be very difficult to get your vehicle started up again as the sheer amount of power needed simply can’t be pulled out of the typical car battery. Instead, you need professional tools and equipment, handled by an expert team. By calling us, that is just what you will have and we can promise you an effective job getting your truck started, whenever you trust in us.

Roadside Service

Nothing is worse than experiencing a flat battery far away from home. When you are stuck in a parking lot or drive-thru, or even at the side of the road, it can be irritating and even worry. But, at Durham Tow Truck, we won’t let you maintain your concerns for long, because we’ll be there for the roadside jump start service that you need. Wherever you are in the region, our team will always find the safe and sure ways to support you.