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24/7 Emergency Towing Service

24/7 emergency towing service

One of the things that every driver has to deal with is the fact that our vehicles can break down at any time. We never know when disaster is going to strike and it always happens when we least want it to. That can be serious stress for anyone and can completely ruin your plans and your day. But if you are prepared with the phone number of our team in your contacts, then you never have to worry for long. That is because, at Durham Tow Truck, we offer our emergency towing services to all Durham residents, 24 hours a day. When all you need is a friendly face and a helping hand, we’ll be there every single time. You can count on us to get you back to a garage quickly or back to the comfort of your own home, no matter what.

24-Hour Callouts 

Our phone lines are always open and no matter as to whether you are calling us at one in the morning or one at night, one of the friendly members of our team will be there to answer your call. So, don’t feel that you ever need to hesitate as we are dedicated to bringing immediate responses to all of our customers. We’ll be able to dispatch one of the units of our team, who will be able to bring you the service you need, at any time of day, on any day of the week.

Emergency Towing 

You never know when you might need emergency towing and you can never prepare for the issue. Whether you have had a bad time with blown tires, you have a faulty engine or whatever else, you just want to get off the road and safe again. When we come to help you with our emergency towing services, that is what we’ll make sure of. We’ll secure up your car and make sure that it is safe to transport, while you and anyone else in the car can sit comfortably up in front with us. Then, we’ll get you and the car to wherever it is that you need to be.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Of course, if we can get your car up and running again, we will always do our best. We know that emergencies strike just when you are intending on heading somewhere important. So, if we can, we’ll make sure you are back on your way again. We offer many roadside services and you can bet that we can bring these to you at any time of day or night, as well.

Rapid Response 

Whatever time of day you call us, there will always be members of our team ready and waiting to help you out. We pride ourselves on our fast service and our ability to bring you the help you need, whenever you need it. Our rapid response times mean you’ll never be waiting for us long and you’ll never have to worry or stress for a second.