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Durham Tow Truck

Durham Tow Truck

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As a driver, we all sometimes get into trouble out on the road. We understand that one of the downsides to driving is that things can go wrong at a moment’s notice. And while it is always stressful and can put a real downer on your day, you can be prepared for when it happens. The best thing that you can do is save the number of our team in your contacts today, so you know you always have a dependable towing team to come and help you out.

About Us

Our name is Durham Tow Truck and we are the leading source of towing and vehicle recovery services in the fine city of Durham, NC. For many years, we have been serving local residents and visitors with our fantastic services in towing. We work around the clock to help our clients, always bring them the rapid response and expert services that they need. And, if you too ever get into a spot where you need a helping hand, we want you to know that we’ll always be there for you, too.

Our Services

We offer towing services for all different sorts of vehicles, from motorcycles to family cars to light marine vehicles. Our fleet is well prepared to handle these and we can do so following on from an accident, flat tire, or simply for transport purposes. Whatever it is that you need, our team will always work hard to accommodate using the tools and equipment that we have.

24 hour towing service
Towing Service

At Durham Tow Truck, not only do we offer towing in the city of Durham, but we also help out our clients across the state of North Carolina. Whether you are trying to get back home or you know you need to get your auto to the mechanics, we’ll be able to come and meet you on the roads and safely bring you back. Our towing fleet is capable and reliable, able to securely move your vehicle, while you can sit safely up in the front of our truck.

24 hour roadside assistance
Roadside Assitance

Of course, we know that getting into difficulties by the side of the road can really ruin your plans and leave you stress and annoyed. All you want to do is get back on your way and that is why, whenever we can do it, we’ll try and get you up and running again, by the side of the road. Our roadside assistance services are guaranteed to help in numerous different circumstances and in a majority of cases, we have sent clients on their way in no more than a matter of minutes. From changing headlights to fuel delivery, jumpstarts to our lockout service – whatever your particular issue, you can count on us for help.

professional light duty towing
Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing is our specialty, at Durham Tow Truck. Our fleet is well-prepared to handle any type of light-duty vehicle that you could expect to find in the urban center of Durham. From everyday cars to motorcycles and quad bikes, we even offer our services to light-duty marine vehicles, such as jet skis and small speed boats, as well. Whatever it is, if you need a tow, just let us know. We’ll always make sure that we have the correct equipment to handle your task most effectively.

24/7 emergency towing service
24/7 Emergency Towing Service

When you are out on the roads, problems could arise at any time. Your faulty engine isn’t going to care if it is the middle of a beautiful Sunday or in the dead of night. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to make your journey and that is something that our team understands. And, this is exactly the reason why we work hard to deliver our around the clock services, 24/7. When you need an emergency tow or emergency roadside assistance, we will always be there to bring you the service that you need.

car battery jumpstart service
Jump Start

One of the easiest problems our cars can have is a flat battery. It is so easy to do and just for leaving the AC on for a little too long without the engine, you can have one. And, although it is frustrating, you don’t need to concern yourself with it for long. That is because, at Durham Tow Truck, we can be there to help you out with a jump start. For any car, motorcycle, or even your heavy vehicle, we’ll be able to make a safe and effective jump start.

flat tire changes and repairs service
Tire Change

No doubt one of the things we’ll all deal with at some point, getting a flat or burst tire can be pretty easy. But it isn’t always so easy getting a new tire put back and sometimes, it can really benefit you to have a helping hand to do it. You already know that our team is always happy to help and when it comes to a roadside tire change, that certainly is no different. We can help you fit a spare tire and we can even deliver you a new one from our stock if you need it.

Contact Durham Tow Truck

Even though you may not need any one of our services today, there is no doubt going to come a time when you do. And when that day does come along, make sure you are prepared. So, save our contact number in your phone today and give us a call at any time that you ever need our help.

“The team at Durham Tow Truck is always reliable and always gets to you fast! They’ve been my go-to for years now and I’d never trust anyone else. Every jump start, tire change, and bulb change is always appreciated!” – Tim B

“Durham Tow Truck really knows their stuff and you can always count on them for help. They towed me back to my local garage at 11 pm once and still arrive just 15 minutes after I called.” – Brody M

“Great job fixing my tire by the road the other day, you guys did a really good job and I so appreciate the help.” – Mary T